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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expressbuy??

Expressbuy is your fastest and lowest price retailer.

Is Expressbuy a Store or a Mall??

Expressbuy is an online mall that enables other sellers sell on its platform but also has its own store within the mall by which it sells to its own customers.

What types of products are sold on Expressbuy??

Expressbuy started with the sale of electrical & electronic products.

How many days does it take to deliver products ordered by customers to their doorstep??

By the next day after the order is placed.

Who does the delivery of the product??

Expressbuy does the delivery herself or any of her assignee or agent.

Can others create a store on Expressbuy site??

Yes, any other person can create a store to sell products on Expressbuy.

How can a store be created on Expressbuy by new sellers??

You just go to new seller on the homepage; then you fill in the fields & submit; then one of Expressbuy personnel would come and determine if you really exist, all your information provided are true, that you are the legal owner of the goods you want to sell and to ascertain that the goods are of good quality.
                    When Expressbuy is satisfied with this, then the seller's account would be verified and he can now start selling on the site.

How can a customer buy products on the site??

The Customer can either search for the product or brand in the search box (Recommended) or check for whatever product he wants through the Departments
                    After seeing the product he wants to buy; he would then click on it. The next page would indicate (among other things) "Add to cart".
                    Once he has added to cart; then he would be directed again to add any other product or proceed to check out. If he clicks on proceed to check-out, he would then be required to fill in his contact information/address, for the delivery of the product. But where he is a returning customer, he can just sign-in.
                    Then he gets to choose his form of payment (card, through a bank, or upon delivery) on the same page. After this, he is transferred to a new page; which shows him his total invoice (including VAT). He can then; if it is card payment he chooses, pay through our secured on-line payment/ if by other means; then he would have to confirm the order.

When can a customer return a product??

When the product has a manufacturer’s defect.
When it has any other defect covered by warranty.

Are our electrical products covered by warranty??

All of them (from LG, Samsung, Panasonic to Sony and others).

How would he return the product??

By calling or sending a mail to Expressbuy and then we would fix a convenient time to pick it up.

Free Delivery??

Expressbuy offers Free Delivery to all purchases amounting to N5000 or more to all Lagos Residents.
The Free Delivery would be seen at the “Payment or Finalize Transaction page” of the site; such that it would be calculated as Zero.
This however excludes Residents in Ekpe, Badagry, Ikorodu, Ajah, Ipaja, Berger and their environs.

Payment On Delivery??

Expressbuy enables you to pay upon delivery (instead of the payment through your card or into our bank accounts).
This can be done after you have clicked “Add to Cart and then Proceed to check out”.
Such payment can be made in cash or through our P.O.S Machines.

Next Day Delivery??

This is simple; every goods ordered from us would be delivered the next day after order is completed.
 A day comes to an end by 4pm or 16.00 GMT.

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